two different GAS??

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two different GAS??

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hi natalia!
i tested last week a uexplorer and noticed the software they had is different from the one in cobralocator.
are there two versions of GAS? if so, what's the difference?

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Re: two different GAS??

Post by Masti68 »

"GAS" is the program that was made too control radar system developed by Geoscanners AB. "Cobra Locator" and "Akula" (Akula9000,Akule9500) were developed by our company and both systems generate our "gsf" file format. You maybe know that in "Cobra Locator" you can choose range from 32,64 and 128 ns. If you use "GAS" with "Akula 9000" then you can select everything between 32 and 1021 ns, with "Akula 9500" from 5 to 44 ns.
In "GAS " with "Akula " systems there is a "One Shot" mode, possibility to select from "Select Antenna" list macro that we recommended for some antennas that can be used with the system.
We added to "GAS" for "Akula" systems the possibility to put comments into the collected "gsf" file, it is possible to take screen shots of b-scan in record mode. In new "GAS" user can change directory for "Macro" folder. In the new "GAS" you can change offset for "Akula9000" with step 0.5ns and for "Akula9500" step is 0.25 ns. The "GAS" that use "Cobra Locator" the offset can only change in steps of 1 ns. I the new "GAS" you can select from 1 to 6 gain points, in "Cobra Locator" from 2 to 6. In calibration mode if you know with calibration value for your system you don't want to drive the card 5,10 meters to generate calibration value, you can just write it into "Calibration Value" box.
As I said before "Cobra Locator" and "Akula" are different radar systems and they need different protocols to work properly.
Natalia Alvarez Cabrera
Main software engineer
Geoscanners AB

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